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Terms of Use

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I. General Rules

1. Purpose

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to stipulate the conditions and procedures of all services (the "services") offered on the ISOOIN Corp. website (the "company").

2. Definitions

The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.

User: Person who receives the company's service under these terms and conditions
Usage Contract: A contract concluded between the company and the user in relation to the use of the service
Subscription: The act of providing the necessary information on the company's application form and signing the service use contract by consenting to the terms and conditions.
Member: A person who has registered as a member by providing personal information necessary for membership registration on the relevant site.
User ID: For member identification and member service use, a combination of English characters and numbers is chosen by the user and accepted by the company.
Password: To protect the member's information, the user initiates a combination of English characters, numerals, and special characters.
Use Termination: The company or member expresses their intention to terminate the contract of use after using the service.

3. Effectiveness and Change of Terms and Conditions

If a member disagree with the changed terms and conditions, he or she may request membership termination, and if he or she continues to use the service without expressing his or her refusal seven days after the changed terms and conditions take effect, he or she is deemed to have agreed to the changes.

It takes effect when it is posted on the service screen of these terms and conditions, or when it is announced on a notice board or by other means.
If the company deems it necessary, it may amend the contents of these terms and conditions. The new terms and conditions are displayed on the service screen, and if the service is used seven days after the notification, it is assumed that you have agreed to the changes.
If the user disagrees to the changed terms and conditions, he or she may stop using the service and cancel his or her membership registration; however, if he or she continues to use it, he or she is deemed to have agreed to the changed terms and conditions, and the changed terms will take effect in the same manner as in the previous paragraph.

4. Applicable Provisions

Matters not specified in these terms and conditions shall be governed by the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, and other relevant laws and regulations.

II. Service Contract

5. Establishment of Contract for Usage

With the company's consent to the user's application for use and the user's terms and conditions, the usage contract is established.

6. Request for Use

Personal information can be entered on the subscription application form requested by the company on the membership information screen of the service to apply for use.

7. Acceptance for Use

Unless there are unique circumstances, a member's application for service use is accepted if he or she accurately fills out all of the information on the application form. In any of the following situations, you may refuse to accept the use.
If you don't use your real name when applying.
When submitting an application in someone else's name.
In the event that the application for user's contents is falsely stated.
When an application is presented with the intent of obstructing society's well-being, order, or good manners.
When the requirements for application for use set by the company are not met.

8. Change of Contract Details

The member is liable for any problems that arise as a result of his or her failure to amend the changes made at the time of application for usage.

III. Obligations of Contracts

9. Obligation of the Company

Without the approval of the members, the firm does not disclose or transmit personal information about them that is known about the provision of services to third parties. This is not the case if a state agency makes a request under the Framework Act on Telecommunications, etc., or if there is an investigation purpose for a crime or if other applicable laws and regulations make a request.

10. Obligation of the Member

When using the service, members should avoid doing the following.
The act of illegally using the other member’s ID.
The act of reproducing, publishing, or providing information obtained from a service to a third party.
Violation of other rights, such as copyright of the company and a third party, etc.
The act of disseminating information contrary to public order and customs.
An act that is objectively linked to a criminal offense.
Other acts in violation of relevant laws and regulations.
Members are not allowed to engage in business activities using services, and the company is not responsible for the results.
Members cannot provide or sell their right to use the service or any other status under the contract of use to others, and they can't use it as collateral.

IV. Service Usage

11. Obligation of the Member

Members are responsible for keeping their mail, bulletin boards, and registration materials in good working order.
The data provided by the company cannot be deleted or changed at will by members.
Members should not post content on the company's website that violates public order and customs or other rights, such as third-party copyrights. The member is solely liable for the repercussions of such content being published.

12. Post Management and Deletion

Members' memory space, message size, and storage days can be limited for effective service operation, and if the contents to be registered fall within any of the following subparagraphs, they can be erased without warning.

Slander against another member or a third party, or slander that damages his or her reputation.
In the event of a breach of public order and/or customs.
In the event that the content is identified as being linked to a criminal crime.
In the case of infringement of the company's copyright, a third-copyright, party's and so on.
If a member displays pornography or links to pornographic websites on the company's website or bulletin board.
If it is determined that it is in violation of other applicable laws and regulations.

13. Post Copyrights

The publisher owns the copyright to the post, and members are not permitted to utilize the materials placed on the site for commercial purposes, such as processing and selling information collected through the service.

14. Service Hours

Unless there is a unique commercial or technical difficulty, the service can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is not the case, however, when regular inspections are required.

15. Service Responsibility

The service should not be used for hacking, pornographic site links, or unlawful distribution of commercial software, and the company will not be held liable for the repercussions and losses of business activities caused by violations and legal actions taken by associated agencies.

16. Suspension of Service Provision

In any of the following circumstances, service supply may be halted.

In situations where it is unavoidable due to construction, such as service facility repairs, etc.
When an important telecommunications business operator, as defined by the Telecommunications Business Act, suspends telecommunications services.
If you need to run a system check.
If there are other causes for force majeure.

V. Contract Termination and Use Restrictions

17. Contract Termination and Use Restrictions

When a member wants to discontinue his or her use contract, he or she must apply for it online, and the company will verify his or her identification and take appropriate action.
If a member does any of the following activities, the company must warn the customer 30 days before the action ends and provide him or her the opportunity to express his or her view.
If you've stolen someone else's user ID and password.
In the case of purposefully interfering with the service's functionality,
If you submitted a fake application for membership.
If the same user has registered again, each time with a different ID.
When it comes to transmitting content that disrupts public order and customs.
When a person's reputation is harmed or harmed by another person.
In the situation of transmitting a huge amount of data or advertising data with the intent of interfering with the service's stable operation.
In the case of distributing computer virus programs that cause information and communication systems to malfunction or information to be destroyed, etc.
When a company's or another member's or a third party's intellectual property rights are violated.
When someone else's personal information, user ID, and password are used fraudulently.
When a member posts pornography or links to pornographic websites on his or her website or bulletin board.
If it is determined that it is in violation of other applicable laws and regulations002E

VI. Others

18. Transfer Restrictions

Members can't give or sell their right to use the service or any other status under the contract of use to others, and they can't use it as collateral.

19. Compensations

Except for damages caused by the company's intention or gross negligence, the company will not be liable for any damage to its members as a result of free services offered.

20. Exemptions

If a corporation is unable to deliver services due to natural catastrophes, conflicts, or other forces beyond its control, it is released from obligation.
Damages caused for unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, regular inspection, and the development of service facilities are not covered by the company's liability policy.
The company is not liable for any difficulties encountered in using the service as a result of causes attributable to members.
The company is not accountable for any losses incurred as a result of the member's expectations for the benefits of using the service or the data collected via the service.
The firm is not liable for any information, data, factual accuracy, or reliability posted by users on the site.

21. Competent Court

If a lawsuit is brought in response to a dispute resulting from the use of the service, the court in charge of the company's location will be the only court with jurisdiction.


(Date of Enforcement) These terms and conditions take effect starting from January 1, 2021.