Where people do thierbest in usingwater for a good sake.
In 2004, people who seeks for an advanced bathroom culture gathered in
Cheongnyangni to plant one plantlet, and established "ISOOIN."
It is the world's first novel research activity to develop a
water-saving toilet with improved cleaning power, and it has been
patented by Korea, Japan, and China, as well as acknowledged for
its unique technology in the toilet parts industry through product production.

Even now, with ongoing R&D and investment, it is evolving into a
comprehensive bathroom product brand, and we aspire to become an
"ISOOIN(利水人)," a company centered on bathroom culture innovation.
ISOOIN is a market leader in advanced technology development,
promotes customer trust with the highest quality, and fosters a
company culture that recognizes similar goals.
High-quality accessories that improve the quality of your Bathroom
It will further strengthen the dignity and value of sanitary appliances manufactured in the
spirit of craftsmanship by producing products that prioritize customer trust with the highest quality.
  • Innovation
  • Culture
  • Technology
  • Domestic Patents : 22
  • Utility Model: 5
  • Design : 7
  • Trademark Rights : 17
  • Overseas Patents : 4
Through revolutionary technological development,
we will establish a joyful bathroom culture for people
and expand beyond Korea to the rest of the world.